Eleonor at Rallye des Princesses avec panerai radiomir replica

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My family was about to begin dinner in June 2009 when Laurent Picciotto (Blancpain Replica Watches ) told us that he had invited an Asian watch editor. My plaster cast from a skiing accident meant that I was wearing a lot of heat and I had to get extra seats. Our guest had an American accent, an Italian style, and the tattooed body a Yakuza. As the evening progressed, I felt like I was dining with an encyclopedia. He knew everything. He was the Founder of Revolution, Wei Koh. That night marked the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. We became friends, travel companions, and fellow hell-raisers, from a secret admiration to a sincere relationship.

Richard Mille is a man I feel emotionally connected to. My father was a founder partner in the brand. I remember the many dinners that were held at our house in the late-1990s, when the top watchmakers would gather to discuss the details of the project. At the time, I was a young child and would say goodbye to my parents after finishing the meal. The adults would then go on to talk about their grown-up matters. (I only learned years later that my father and Wei were also children who never grew up.

Eleonor in a Richard Mille RM07-01 case with red-gold and diamond-set.

Eleonor and Elodie were taken around France by a vintage Porsche

In the background of French country roads, the vintage cars were a stunning sight.

My father was also selling his watch collection to Phillips Hong Kong. As I sat in a cab in Parisian traffic, I viewed live streaming on my iPhone of the auction. I was mixed emotions Replica Tag Heuer Watches as I saw a unique RM008 that he had made for himself go under the hammer. It sold for US$364,372. Just seconds before, the RM001, a limited edition of 17 pieces that was first introduced in Basel 2000, was sold at a hammer cost of US$263,665

Wei met me a few months ago and I told him I was taking part in the Rallye des Princesses for women sponsored by Richard Mille. I drove from Paris to St Tropez with a vintage Porsche. He said "That's cool." He also mentioned that Richard Mille was taking part in McLaren rally, which saw him cruising through Bordeaux wineries. He suggested, "Why don’t we do a Battle of the Rallies?" He suggested that they both could wear the colors of the French flags and write about their experiences from a male-versus female perspective.

Eleonore & Elodie remained true to their pledge to wear only the colours of France during the rally

All Systems Go

Despite my love for driving and watches, I must admit that I am not a great driver. The Rallye des Princesses is a fun event that includes beautiful cars and amazing timepieces, as well as laughter and food. My copilot Elodie and me took on the challenge enthusiastically and became engrossed in the game like no other. We departed the Place Vendome, dressed in blue, on Sunday morning. This was one of 90 vintage cars that attempted the first stage of this rally. It covered 375 km at an average speed of 40km/hr.

It was an amazing experience to drive across France. It was a wonderful experience to drive across France in a yellow Porsche 356. We were able to see the beauty of the countryside by driving at a slow omega replica watches speed. We saw a rabbit running through wheat fields faster than we were driving, butterflies flying around the city, and horses and cows grazing peacefully.

Logo for the Rallye des Princesses

Here are some of the amazing vintage cars that took part

Everything was calm until Elodie (my co-pilot and collaborator on our website The Eye of Jewelry) yelled "Bambiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii". It was so loud,panerai radiomir replica ladies I thought my engine was on fire. The deer was actually entering the forest that we were headed into. We were tempted by the local honey's signage to buy some, but a quick glance at our watches - an RM07-01 in titanium and carbon TPT, and an RM07-01 in redgold set to diamonds - revealed that we were going late.

Elodie told me that Elodie has given me 11 minutes to complete 4.37 kms to get to the next marker. Shrugging, Elodie asked me: "Soatwhat speed do I drive?" We shook hands and began to dig into our collective memory banks to find the maths rules that we had learned in school and apply them to our urgent problem. Elodie admitted defeat and laughed, before saying, "Just drive." It will all be figured out along the way. And it was. Our car was on the 37th position halfway through the rally. We were happy to be in the 37th position.

Eleonor and Elodie in the RM 007 with white gold case and white rubber strap

Eleonor in the RM037 Carbon TPT Case

What was the rally's highlight? Perhaps it was the first morning my car's heating stopped working and I had to drive barefoot. Perhaps it was Jules Langeard, a talented young photographer encouraging us to quickly change our clothes in the midst of classic cars to capture the last sunlight. Or could it be th